PV market evolution

Για μια στιγμή ας ξεχάσουμε τα στενά όρια της Ελληνικής πραγματικότας, το ΥΠΕΚΑ, τη ΔΕΗ, τις ατελείωτες εταιρίες εμπορίας και εγκατάστασης φωτοβολταϊκών συστημάτων στην Ελλάδα. Αναζητώντας στο internet πληροφορίες, πέτυχα δύο άρθρα σχετικά με την εξέλιξη της τεχνολογίας των φωτοβολταϊκών συστημάτων συνεπώς και του κόστους αγοράς και εγκατάστασης.

Αρχικά από το άρθρο του περιοδικού Scientific American, παραθέτω:

Είναι στρατηγικής σημασίας η επιλογή της ηλιακής ενέργειας ώς κυρίαρχης για το μέλλον

The numbers are staggering and surprising. In 88 minutes, the sun provides 470 exajoules of energy, as much energy as humanity consumes in a year.

Γιατί μειώνεται το κόστος αγοράς φ/β πλαισίων;

solar cell manufacturers are learning – much as computer chip manufacturers keep learning – how to reduce the cost to fabricate solar […]and the efficiency of solar cells – the fraction of the sun’s energy that strikes them that they capture – is continually improving

Μέχρι που θα φτάσει το κόστος;

The cheapest solar modules, not yet on the market, have manufacturing costs under $1 per watt, making them contenders – when they reach the market – for breaking the 12 cents per Kwh mark.


The exponential trend in solar watts per dollar has been going on for at least 31 years now. If it continues for another 8-10, which looks extremely likely, we’ll have a power source which is as cheap as coal for electricity, with virtually no carbon emissions. If it continues for 20 years, which is also well within the realm of scientific and technical possibility, then we’ll have a green power source which is half the price of coal for electricity.

Πηγή:Scientific American

Ενώ την τάση αυτή για μείωση των τιμών επιβεβαιώνει και το Bloomberg,

Large photovoltaic projects will cost $1.45 a watt to build by 2020, half the current price, Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimated today. The London-based research company says solar is viable against fossil fuels on the electric grid in the most sunny regions such as the Middle East.

κάτι το οποίο είναι κοινός τόπος για τους γνώστες της αγοράς

“The most powerful driver in our industry is the relentless reduction of cost,” Michael Liebreich, chief executive officer of New Energy Finance, said at the company’s annual conference in New York yesterday. “In a decade the cost of solar projects is going to halve again.”

“System costs have declined 5 percent to 8 percent (a year), and we will continue to see that,” SolarCity Inc. CEO Lyndon Rive said in an interview. The Foster City, California- based company is a closely held installer and owner of rooftop power systems.




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